Thorsten Hubmann

Engineer and incredible talented Caller and Musician

Thorsten was born in 1972 in Dortmund, Germany. There he growed up and studied computer sciences, later.  In the late 70s his square dancing father became Club-Caller of the Kohlenpott-Hoppers in Dortmund. His parents accompanied him through his first steps in square dancing, learning Mainstream from his father. Thorsten was graduated in 1987 and soon showed interest in calling.

Supported by his father, not only using his calling equipment and – for sure –  the big comprehension of the Kohlenpott-Hoppers, he finally started calling in 1989. From this moment on, he developed his career step by step. It doesn’t took much time and Thorsten belonged to the top 5 Caller in Germany, constantly supported by his big idol Thorsten Geppert, who supported him from the beginning on and always does, till now.

In 1991 Thorsten followed his father as Club-Caller in Dortmund and was permanently booked in the nearest neighborhood like Düsseldorf, Solingen and Soest. As a great demand Caller he traveled through many countries in Europe, f.e. France, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Within the German Square Dance Community, nearly solely existed one Caller-Duo on stage in the time range after 1995: Thorsten (Geppert) and Thorsten (Hubmann). 

A stubborn disease, at the function of the vocal fold closure in 2014, caused by overload in times of a simple cold, forced him to a still lasting reduction of his calling time. With a lots of speech therapies his voice slowly gets back to its old and well known strength and endurance, so that Thorsten is able to continue his outstanding and successful Caller career gradually.

Thorstens excellent musicality makes him to the musical engineer of SquareRhythmics. Without him and his talent to make impossible ideas possible, his joy in music and his high propensity to offer up his lifeblood to this project, SquareRhythmics would have been that only, what it was twelve month ago: a crazy idea.