Tim Bressinck

Head of Rhythmics, Creative Director and Visioneer

Tim was born in 1980. His parents began square dancing in 1983 and till then they were seen in every spot of the country to indulge in their hobby. So it was clear that Tim will grow up in the scene of square dancing and was graduated Mainstream in 1996. Only two years later he coincidentally collected his first experiences as caller: His father bought a Tape of Jerry Story that time and Tim was fascinated of the Singing Call „Fisherman’s Luck“, so he played it in an endless loop at his room – till he was able to sing along this tune. His father noticed that and put him on stage some days later. The feedback was great, so Tim catched fire of the idea becoming a Caller. Being inspired of his both idols Thorsten Geppert and Thorsten Hubmann he envolved within the coming years into a great demand caller. 

Tims stage performances were new, a kind of different, mostly because of his outstanding stage presence. Not a few of his Caller colleagues found themselves in a stand-up played show, like Uli Schingen as „Sister Adi“ and Tim as „Brother Tuck“ – in the style of „Sister Act“; this show becomes a viral hit in the square dance scene on Youtube [link].

Those ideas and his visions of making the – sometimes as „old-styled“ infamously reputation – square dance more modern, more fresh and much more attractive for younger generations, he first founded the webradio station „SquareRadio.FM“ along with his partner. It rises within two years to the first address getting news and informations about announcements or dancing reports. More than ten years he fostered the dream of recording Singing Calls by himself. Only another coincidence and using his square dance network pave the way to found SquareRhythmics along with his partner and Thorsten Hubmann.