Walt and Juliane Burr

Gold worth guinea pigs, motivator and severe critics

It doesn’t need to mention that each project needs close friends who are far away enough from it, to provide expert and  – more important – honest feedback on every level it scales. Walt and Juliane Burr, in common 58 years of calling experience, already acted as motivator still before the idea of founding a new German Square Dance Music Label was thought out loud. They voluntarily slipped into the role of severe critics, although their leisure was limited and still is. At any time an honest feedback did not wait long, and that is the point, why the Burrs are that invaluably to the whole founding process of SquareRhythmics.

As voluntarily guinea pigs, they checked out the resonances in the United States, at a time we couldn’t check out by ourselves. That alone was such an important step to let the idea of SquareRhytmics switch to the implementation of it. 

Without any commercial claims – just because of being friends – they are always ready to stand – irrespective of time or location. Those who answers a face-time call, by laying in the tub and having a bath, deserves – ungrudgingly – the status of being honory advisory member of the SquareRhythmics Staff, don’t they?